The House Made by Machine

Build your own house with SketchUp and CNC router

The Holy Grail for architects since the early 20th century modernism is to mass produce homes. It’s never quite worked out. It either not cost effective or its not what people want to live in.  Here another iteration of mass production using SketchUp to design your house and then having the parts made on a CNC (computer numberical controlled) router.

About Formfonts 3D Models

Established in 2002, FormFonts 3D Models has served over 11,000 subscribers. FormFonts 3D Models offers over 50,000 of well-made and with the right-amount-of-polygons models and textures on a subscription basis. Throughout each month we upload new models for download. If you don’t see what you need, request it to be made. We offer models in the following formats: Google SketchUp ® | Autodesk®3ds Max®, Autocad®, Revit® & FBX
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