Make a Cookie Barn Using SketchUp and Flour

On the lighter side for Labor Day in the USA, FormFonts team member Marc and his son, Raef, made a sugar cookie barn. Raef really wanted to make the gingerbread haunted house he saw in a magazine. His dad said that it was too early for Halloween and that they could make a barn from scratch. Raef’s passion is tractors, trucks, farms, construction sites and etc.

With SketchUp the barn was designed, with Betty Crocker the dough was made and the internet offered up a frosting that when dry was harder than concrete. The construction went smoothly except for the son’s M n’ Ms sliding down the roof and walls. The demolition in order to eat the barn was challenging. A kitchen knife was required. The fork-lift fork was no match for the concrete frosting.

We hope all your labors go well and get better.

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2 Responses to Make a Cookie Barn Using SketchUp and Flour

  1. madelinehopkins says:

    our barn was built before 1850 it was a beautiful L shaped structure mansard roof and style the same as your cookie barn the small arm of the L being about 30 and the long arm of the L being about 80 ft. picture the L laying horizonally instead of being vertical with the short arm of the L being on the right side and the long arm going left. I am 73 and have been looking for a barn like in in my travels across the U.S. because unfortunally our barn burned in 1953 and no one ever took a picture of it.The barn was 2 story and about 40 ft. tall with a tin roof . So after my long rambling I would like to know do you know if there is any way I can put pictures together to make a image of it?

    • It’s a nice memory and sad that the barn is gone. The modern steel “barns” just don’t evoke the same feelings and visual interest. SketchUp has a feature to construct a building from photographs. It’s called Photomatch. It seems though that if you have photographs of various barns to be inspired by, then it might be best to make a conglomeration. Maybe we could use the barn in a tutorial. If you’d like to send us some pictures, we’ll see what we can do.

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