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Interact with Holographic 3D objects

The labs at Microsoft are working on a lot of cool stuff. The Kinect has released tons of creativity. The Kinect seems to have been the missing link between the real and the virtual world. Virtual objects and real object … Continue reading

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Insert 3D Models into Photographs & it looks realistic!

Wow!  This is amazing stuff. Students at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign have come up with a tool and algorithms to insert a 3D Models into photographs and make it look so realistic. The algorithm calculates the lighting and … Continue reading

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Control SketchUp with an Ipad and an App

This app by Maide has a lot of potential for presenting a 3D design at a meeting. Using a keyboard and mouse while can be cumbersome. The ability to take a screen shot and email it is nice. It would … Continue reading

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Ed Haynes, Event Planner & Interior Designer

We interviewed Ed Haynes months ago for an article on how he uses FormFonts 3D in his work. It was on our restricted Facebook page. To give more people an opportunity to read it, we’re re-posting it here. It is … Continue reading

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Be yourself for Halloween with a mask of yourself

File this under the category of “why.” Its cool that it can be done, but for US$3,920 why would you? The Japanese company using photographs to make a mold over which vinyl chloride resin is used to make the mask. … Continue reading

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Unfold 3D Models Tutorial Using Pepakura Designer

This is one of those things that one would love to do, but never seems to happen. When it does happen, here’s a tutorial on using Pepakura Designer to make the unfolding process go smoother and hopefully faster. The tutorial … Continue reading

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Kinect me to that 3D Model

The technology and hardware Kinect for the Xbox 360 video game console by Microsoft has been used by many for unintended and very cool things. At first Microsoft was resistant to its “hacking” and then said go for it. They … Continue reading

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