Ed Haynes, Event Planner & Interior Designer

We interviewed Ed Haynes months ago for an article on how he uses FormFonts 3D in his work. It was on our restricted Facebook page. To give more people an opportunity to read it, we’re re-posting it here. It is almost 95% on his thoughts about FormFonts 3D. You’ve been forewarned =)

FF: How has using FormFonts models made your job easier?

EH: I am in the entertainment and interior to go to get the high-end, newest, cutting edge models that are out there.

For example, if I were planning a 1950s theme party I could go straight to the website and search for themed furniture.

FF: Have you used the auto request line? If so, how was your experience?

EH: I have actually requested quite a few models. I usually request people, such as DJs and bartenders. When I did an event for Footlocker I requested referees. My experience has been really good. The only time you guys turned me down what when I needed a hula girl lamp for a tiki bar.

FF: Do you use models of the exact furniture you plan on having on the day of the event?

EH: In general, I try to use models of the real furniture as much as possible. I am very familiar with the furniture that I get from our rental company, so it is nice to have the precise measurements to work with. The models that I use in the renderings are based on what is currently out on the market. We try to use as little placeholder as possible.

FF: What do you put the time and energy that you would have been spending on creating your own models toward instead?

EH: What do you put that saved time/energy toward instead? All of the work that we do is custom and we put a lot of our focus on the correct lighting. I always tell people “It takes me a day to put a model together and three days to light it properly”.

FF: Walk me through the process of how you use FormFonts in your line of work

EH: I use Archicad, and the wonderful thing is that it generated 3D models as well as plans, elevations, and sections.

I will use our recent MTV project as an example. I started by getting the drawings from the Palms Hotel in Vegas and using Archicad I generated a 3D model of the pool area, which is about three acres of space. I needed the appropriate greenery and I was able to find palm trees through FormFonts and I incorporated them in the scene.

Next, I moved on to creating the major scenic elements such as the stage, vendors and sponsors. I also needed people in bathing suits for the MTV spring break. We downloaded all the people in swimsuits we could find. It can be very difficult to find real-looking people in bathing suits because many of the other websites had women who looked like runway models and men that looked like bodybuilders.  The FormFonts site had average-looking people in swimsuits. 

Finally, I determined the furniture placement.

FF: Unfortunately, not all of the models have the ArchiCAD format.  What do you do when you come across such a model?

EH: ArchiCAD can import 3DS and AutoCAD models.  I also use Artlantis which can import 3DS, AutoCAD and SketchUp models.

FF: How do clients respond to the images in your designs?

EH: Clients react really well. They love the images because interactive virtual reality helps the client’s understanding of what the space will be like. Sometimes clients love the first renderings we show them and other times we have to go back and tweak things over and over again.

FF: What is your favorite thing about FormFonts and what is your least favorite?

EH: My favorite thing about FormFonts is the strange models that I find like the zombies that were uploaded recently.

My least favorite thing is the turnaround time for requesting models. I would say that the average turnaround time for me has been anywhere between two weeks and one month and my projects don’t usually have that much lead-time.

FF: How do you find our models compared to others?

EH: They are great! They are based on reality as opposed to fantasy. Formfonts has chairs that I can actually go and get that exact chair which takes a whole step out of processing.

FF: What do you think about the subscription-based service?

EH: I love it! It means that there is a higher quality and you definitely get what you paid for. For MTV, I needed a snow cone machine and didn’t have the time to model it myself. I can spend a day building the entire scene or spend that day on modeling the snow cone machine.  On another website, it was going to cost me $50 just for the one machine.  I save a ton of money!

FF: How often do you use the FormFonts website?

EH: When I am actively working on designing a project I almost always have FormFonts on the screen. I have never hit my thirty objects per day limit, but I have come very close! For the NBA all-star convention, I had to populate a stadium. I downloaded basketball players, audience members, projectors, people for the kiosks, floating basketball hoops, along with many other things. I downloaded twenty-six items on that day. I appreciate that when I am working on a project I can go back and download the same thing multiple times and not have to pay for it again.

FF: Tell us about your work…how did you get started in event planning?

EH: I was trained in traditional theatrical set design. Folks from Archicad came to me and wanted me to use it to see what I thought. I got hooked on it and moved forward from that. I worked for large theatre companies and then branched out to event and trade show design.

FF: What is the oddest project request you have had?

EH: For one rendering for a project with an area that was a couple hundred feet wide, the client asked if I could put the brand of the shoes that the event was for on every single one of the people’s feet.

FF: What is the largest challenge in your business right now?

EH: Expectations are exponentially lolling over. Due to average people interacting with technology, clients are expecting more and faster turnover in visually seeing things. They want everything to be custom.

FF: What is the most enjoyable aspect?

EH: It is always different!

See Ed Haynes Website

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