So what is a Form Font anyway?

The name comes from the idea that a graphic style—Photo-real, NPR (Non-Photorealistic Representation), cartoon, comic book, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bauhaus, Constructivism and etc— is a representation.  One could say the Platonic version of an object is the ASCII equivalent. A chair is something that has 4 legs, a place to sit and a back rest.  It can be made to look many different ways. It can have many stylistic representations. The ASCII number for the ‘P’ is 80.  It is just a number. It has no relevance to anyone and is for the computer. It has no style. The style is given by the font. It can be Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica. Someday we’ll be able in the same computer generated environment choose a chair, copy it X number of times and apply a font/rendering style. The name FormFonts is forward thinking to when the day arrives.

Yes, it’s a little heady and we’re dreamers. If we had to do it again we’d have chosen a different name. It would be a name that includes ‘3D models’ in it. And no we don’t offer text fonts.

About Formfonts 3D Models

Established in 2002, FormFonts 3D Models has served over 11,000 subscribers. FormFonts 3D Models offers over 50,000 of well-made and with the right-amount-of-polygons models and textures on a subscription basis. Throughout each month we upload new models for download. If you don’t see what you need, request it to be made. We offer models in the following formats: Google SketchUp ® | Autodesk®3ds Max®, Autocad®, Revit® & FBX
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