Hey Algorithm, It’s a flat plane

By Marc Fredrickson

Okay, I’m trying to be positive because I’m very excited about the emerging technology, and it will get there–there, being good enough to actually use–but I’m tired of seeing scanned buildings and interiors that are in reality flat and the algorithm doesn’t have the programmed smarts to just make it a plane flat in the virtual copy.

I know programmers don’t like to hear this kind of thing and its a challenging task to make software but, can’t ya just have a tunable tolerance and anything under it is made flat?

It’s easy for me to type, but it would sure make looking at videos of technology of 3D capture seem like its got something going on that’s relevant to environmental designers work.

Okay, that’s my rant for today.

The company Matterport is developing technology for capturing 3D space and objects:

For more information: Matterport

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