How2™ apply Trend Textures™ in SketchUp

Cerused Oak is making quite a comeback… from way back. In the 1500’s Venetian ceruse (white lead) was used widely as a cosmetic. The skin-whitener gave wearers that deadly-pale look of upward Nobility. Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England was a famous proponent.

16th Century cabinet makers wondered if ceruse might not also enhance woodgrains, et Viola! When applied to porous woods like oak, the white pigment fills in the grain, yet doesn’t affect the overall finish color of the wood.

Fig 1.  – Cerused Oak (or Limed Oak in Europe) is coming back in style in case goods, furniture, and furniture-as-art.  Custom Mizuki cabinets are shown here with vertical grain in Cerused Grey. Image courtesy of Venegas and Company.

Of course the modern version of this cabinet cosmetic is a non-toxic wax, instead of the deadly lead paste. And the resurgence of pale perfection is perfect for what I like to  call High-Touch Ascetics.. a sophisticated minimalism that contrasts rustic raw materials with functional high-tech… and high-touch finishes.


Trend Textures™ (check out that ceramic backsplash) and Trend Colors™ are important because they drive interior design and architecture up-cycles. A really good Trend Texture – like Cerused Oak – instantly makes everything prior.. look pathetic and outmoded.

The only downside with Trend Textures™ is the moment you see them, you’ve got to instantly incorporate them into your designs. Why? To show your brilliant taste and cutting edge design sensibilities of course. But where to find 3D model stock this…    au courant?

FormFonts 3D has solved this problem with our living library of materials and textures. All can easily be applied to our 3D model stock for the very latest ascetic-aesthetic. Well, rather easily.. especially when you just watch-and-learn from our master modeler, Alan Fraser.

 Fig 2. –  Video of Alan Fraser projecting the Ceruse Oak texture onto various geometries in SketchUp. Learning is easy, when Alan shows us How2 ™.

FormFonts’ materials and textures library includes just under 5000 custom images not available anywhere else. And more are added every week. All materials are easily imported into SketchUp, as demonstrated.

Now you too can command the very latest materials pallet in SketchUp, and project Trend Textures™ like a master 3D modeler!

by Fred Abler

Thanks for reading, watching and subscribing – The FormFonts 3D Team


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Established in 2002, FormFonts 3D Models has served over 11,000 subscribers. FormFonts 3D Models offers over 50,000 of well-made and with the right-amount-of-polygons models and textures on a subscription basis. Throughout each month we upload new models for download. If you don’t see what you need, request it to be made. We offer models in the following formats: Google SketchUp ® | Autodesk®3ds Max®, Autocad®, Revit® & FBX
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