Converting a SketchUp model to a Revit Family – Video

By Russell Davidson and Marc Fredrickson

Awhile back we posted the process of taking a SketchUp model and converting it to a Revit family.   The process we detailed the steps we go through to get a model into Revit that would allow the user to modify and change the materials.  Here’s a link to the post. Blog post of steps for converting

It has turned out that many people would like to convert a SketchUp model to Revit and it is the most popular blog posting we have.  And so by popular demand by count of blog views.. we’ve made a video as part of our How2(TM) video series showing the process.

When converting SketchUp 3D models to Autodesk Revit the most important steps are the initial ones performed within SketchUp.  No matter how simple a model is, it is good to think of how it will be used, and how the layers and layer names will later affect the Revit model.

Creation of layers based on elements rather than colors or textures is important and will allow for more flexibility once the model is assigned materials within Revit.  Keeping these conventions similar throughout all conversions will be helpful when managing your project in Revit.

Once you get the hang of it and need to convert many models like we do here at FormFonts, here are some helpful hints…

1. When doing conversions try to stay in one program as long as possible so time is not wasted switching between programs.

2. When first converting models the area where most time was lost was entering the RGB value for materials in Revit to match to corresponding one in SketchUp. Before exporting models from SketchUp always match the layer color to the one that will be entered in Revit.  This way, one can quickly toggle back to SketchUp with only the Layer palette open and never need to waste time orbiting around the model or sorting through the materials palette to retrieve the RGB value.

We’ve found these tips useful after going through the standard workflow many times. Try experimenting in the beginning to see what works best for you.

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