Going Places.. with Master Modeler Gabriel Concha

by Fred Abler

A few years ago, FormFonts was working with Stratasys to help proof their 3D printing division for Architects (RedEye ARC). I asked Gabriel Concha if there was one or two of his 3D models he might like to have “printed”.

Gabriel said.. “Yes, Definitely!”  He requested one of his passenger buses be 3D printed.

Given all the cool cars that Gabriel has made for FormFonts subscribers over the years, I was a bit surprised. A mass transport model? I had to know the why, and that’s how I learned about Gabriel’s private passion for buses.

Not only does Gabriel make prolific 3D models of all the world’s cars, trains, and buses for FormFonts 3D, he actually makes small-scale physical miniatures of them.. at home.. in his ‘spare’ time as a hobby.

Fig 1  – (left) Wu Zho Long Shenzhen Bus 2006 (right) available on FormFonts 3D and (right) Scale Model of same Chinese bus – both modeled by Gabriel Concha. The bus itself looks like a cute caterpillar.

Per my last post, Marc Fredrickson and I also share this fetish for working vehicles. Marc seriously wants to take a Mercedes Benz Uni Mog and convert it into a camper. I would love to take a diesel Benz Sprinter Van.. and convert it into a mobile office.

Marc and I regularly attend the LA Car show (check out front page the LA times ), and our show favorite is often a working vehicle…like.. the Ford Transit Connect. Is this a design fetish all Architects have?

For me it’s these kinds of small kinks and passions that make life (and people) truly interesting. So here’s an interview with Gabriel Concha about his passion for working vehicles, mass transit, and model-making.

Fig 2.  Gabriel Concha, FromFonts 3D Artist. Gabriel lives in Santiago de Chile.
He is also an architect, professor and passionate (physical) model-maker.


Q: You’re a very busy architect and 3D modeler. How do you find time to make these miniatures?

A:    Actually I’m a very busy architect, not only for the work that I do on Formfonts, also I’m a professor in the School of Architecture, at University of Santiago (Chile). (What do you teach there?)  I teach two classes: Workshop Laboratory (Laboratorio de Taller), and Computational Design (Diseño Computacional).

But doing these scale models is something that I’ve been into since I was a child, it’s kind of my favourite hobby, I like very much the perfection of the miniatures details, so I try to find some spare time between all my activities to do it.

Q:  What is it about buses?  Why do you love them so?

A:  I  really don’t know why, one reason is that I like massive transport machines, like ships, airplanes, trains, and buses, etc. But maybe the most important reason I like buses is because I have a lot of good memories of my childhood doing some traveling by bus.

Fig 3. – Physical scale models of Mercedes Benz LO608, 1984, built in Chile. Gabriel made these using resin and a silicon mold. Pretty adorable!

Q: Do you have any other modeling fetishes (things you really like to make/model physically)?

A:  I used to make airplanes model from wood, but I left this hobby several years ago. I used to dream of build a Boeing 737-200 model in a large scale… maybe some day.

Fig 4. – Manual scale model of bus (left) and the 3D Printed model of bus printed by Stratasys RedEye On Demand (right) of buses modeled by FormFonts 3D’s Gabriel Concha .

Q: What are your favorite 3D Models to make for FormFonts?

A:  I like to create things that are not mainstream, of course vehicles, trains and airplanes, also some figures performing some actions, I like to think that even 3d models could have it’s own character.

I would really love to model and entire vintage scene, especially of a glamorous age, perhaps the 50’s. There’s so much design in there!!!

Q: We know the seasons are reversed in South America. So what are your plans for the next holiday/vacation coming up for you?

A:  The winter is coming here, and Santiago is located next to the Andes, so it’s getting very cold right now. I would love to stay in a tropical beach… but seriously, I’m planning to have a trip and knowing Central America, probably in October.

Then next year, I could go to North America, and proudly say, I’ve been in all the Americas!


Thanks for reading and subscribing – FormFonts 3D Models


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