‘Uniquessential’ 3D Sunglasses

The truth is, it’s hard to find great one-of-kind eye ware. And for most architects and designers… uniqueness is essential. It’s Uniquessential!

I like what the guys who started WarbyParker are doing. They make stylish frames with your prescription lenses at a very affordable $99/pair. Their selection is good, the price is right, and the feel is high-end. Yet there’s a generic sameness to the offerings.

Sure, if you’re one of the beautiful people on WarbyParker’s site, you could wear a pair of old thrift-shop sunglasses and you’d be hip and ironic… and still damn good looking! But then what about the rest of us?

For those of us who need to find the perfect pair, I discovered CoLab. From humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia 5 years ago, CoLab has  built an enthusiastic following for its cool shades, or ‘sunnies’ as they say downunder.

Fig 1 – The CORBU model, designed by Geoff McFetridge. CORBU is the nickname of famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Available at CoLab until they run out.

CoLab has a great gig. They CoLab-orate with a new crop of artists, street artists, designers and illustrators each year (mostly locals) to make limited production runs. Each frame gets 1000 numbered pairs made. And when the run is sold out, That’s it.

The end-result of this colab’ing is some standout frames each season. They’re only $200 a pair including world-wide shipping, which seems like the perfect price-point…even if like me, you’re inclined to try out a new pair-sona each season.

I’m seriously contemplating purchasing the Corbu’s in DayLighter Green. Actually maybe CoLab reads the blog post and decides to send me a pair for introducing our thousands of 3D subscribers to CoLab?

But then the DayLighter’s might just be a bit too cool.. even for my sleepy coastal community.

Fig 2 –  3D Model of Generic Sunglasses by Gabriel Concha, FormFonts 3D.

In Short –  if you’re not secretly a little afraid to wear the glasses, you’re probably not as cool as you think you are..


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