DIY for Reality Hackers – FOV2Go

by Fred Abler

This blog curates an eclectic range of 3D topics. Very occasionally I find newsworthy items that touch on two topics. But never before have I found emerging research that covers them all at once… and that is why I love FOV2Go!

FOV2Go is a free hardware and software kit for the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It’s an emerging platform for DIRT-CHEAP, world-class virtual reality.

Fig 1.  Video of FOV2Go’s  DIY Heads Up Display (HUD) for virtual and augmented ( OK let’s just call it Mixed) Reality. Software not sold separately (actually it’s free too).

FOV2Go is the brainchild of USC Researchers at The MxR Lab in the Institute for Creative Technologies. MxR (stands for Mixed Reality) takes a holistic approach, making everything you need to get started freely available: plans, instructions, links and even… the software.

The DIY kit utilizes the FOV2GO stereoscopic Unity3d package developed by Perry Hoberman, currently  an Associate Research Professor in the Interactive Media Division at USC. The VR software is available for free on his website (see resources below)

FOV2GO viewers and applications are currently being developed for games, training, visualization, art and social media. You can find FOV2GO apps at the iTunes App store and the Android Market. Just search for FOV2GO.

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MxR Lab at USC
Shayed Mobile Virtual Reality on the iPhone
Perry Hoberman’s website Unity3d Game Engine Site

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