3D Library Services at the University of Michigan

FormFonts 3D has the world’s largest 3D library of professionally developed SketchUp components, and we have a fondness for library sciences, and all things 3D. So we are delighted to see the University of Michigan is keeping up with the 3D times.

The University of Michigan 3D Lab, is a division of the U-M Library System. Lab manager Eric Maslowski explains that while his tools are sometimes cooler, his lab functions much as a regular library does.

“The library is a huge collection of books, some of them very expensive and rare, where you can walk in the door and get access to them and to the expertise needed to navigate and understand them,” he said.

“Our collections are a bit different. We deal with hardware and software, and if someone comes in and says ‘I have a 3-D model and I want to make a physical version of this,’ we have the expertise to help them.”

The 3D Lab has six staff members and 12 part time students to help students and faculty with a wide variety of projects,  including 3-D “printing,”  3-D imaging and mobile app development.

The 3D Lab also has a million dollar Virtual Reality room called MIDEN. (it’s pronounced MY DEN) and MIDEN is the ultimate man cave. It uses projective Virtual Reality to give inhabitants virtual experiences limited only by the imagination.

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