A Camera that generates 3D Models in Real Time

Given the recent success of tablet computers, there’s been no end of experimentation with this closed form factor. Apple and Amazon are now making mini-tablets that are barely larger than a phone.  And some cheeky vendors are now calling their phones… ‘phablets’.

So this monster tablet from Lynx A immediately caught my eye. The LynxA Camera actually has stereo cameras embedded in this beefy slab, so it can scan/generate 3D models in real time.

The Lynx A 3D modeling camera in Scene Modeling mode

Fig 1 –  The Lynx A tablet scanning and generating a 3D model of the room in real time.

It helps that this huge slab’let also has an LCD screen, so you can immediate spot and correct ‘holes’ in your 3D scan in realtime. The Lynx also has three different scanning modes: 1) Scene mode – for areas up to 1000 s.f.; 2) Object Modeling mode – for singular objects that are scanned by walking around them (below); and, 3) Motion Capture mode for animators.

The Lynx A 3D modeling camera in Object Modeling mode

Fig 2 – The Lynx 3D slab’let being used in “object mode” to scan a human figure.

The Lynx A was created by Lynx Laboratories, a Texas-based company comprised largely of students from the University of Texas at Austin – the technology that went into the camera was developed at the university.

Lynx Laboratories is currently raising production funds for its device, on Kickstarter. You can be the first to get a Lynx for a pledge of only $2,600. That’s a bit spendy but the price will likely come down if you can wait a bit.

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Source:  Lynx Laboratories

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