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About Formfonts 3D Models

Established in 2002, FormFonts 3D Models has served over 11,000 subscribers. FormFonts 3D Models offers over 50,000 of well-made and with the right-amount-of-polygons models and textures on a subscription basis. Throughout each month we upload new models for download. If you don’t see what you need, request it to be made. We offer models in the following formats: Google SketchUp ® | Autodesk®3ds Max®, Autocad®, Revit® & FBX

FormFonts 3D Model of Bauhaus Wall Light

The Bauhaus light fixture looks like a lighted electronic resister. Great for a retro electronica feel on your next design project. Available in 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, Collada and Autodesk FxB formats. Available at by subscription.

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3D Model of Rong Seating

These Rong Seating models are available at FormFonts by subscription. The 3D models are available in 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, Collada, and Native Revit file formats. Yes! FormFonts 3D now has Revit models!

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FormFonts 3D model of Generic Cash Register

This 3D model of a cash register was requested by one of our FormFonts 3D Model subscribers. If you are a subscriber, we take requests! 3D File formats available include: 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, Collada, and Autodesk FXB.

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3D Model of Generic Cross Over Vehicle

This 3D model of a cute ute is available at in several file formats including: SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, and Autodesk FXB.

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A Camera that generates 3D Models in Real Time

Given the recent success of tablet computers, there’s been no end of experimentation with this closed form factor. Apple and Amazon are now making mini-tablets that are barely larger than a phone.  And some cheeky vendors are now calling their … Continue reading

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TESLA Launch Event and FORMFONTS 3D ‘Models By Request’

We’ve written about LA production designer Ed Haynes before. Back in October 2011, we interviewed him to learn a more about his process and how he uses FormFonts 3D models in his workflow. Ed grew up in a noble family … Continue reading

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Z-Space : Holographic 3D with Spatial Persistence

The Z-Space display is being developed by a California company called Infinite Z.      By tracking user’s eye movements with 3D glasses, the display creates not only the illusion of 3 dimensionality – but unlike most 3D systems –  it persists … Continue reading

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Digital vs. Analog Design – Støckel quests the limits of Representation

It’s difficult to teach young architects how to make objects (and surrounding spaces) relate to one-another in an intentional way. Intentionality requires the mastery of abstract concepts like order, harmony, contrast, proportion, scale and repetition.. not to mention enviable craft … Continue reading

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Shape Shifting TouchScreens

Someone once asked me why Starbucks makes such an elaborate ritual out of ordering coffee. My sarcastic answer was; “So people who don’t have much to do, can feel like they accomplish something substantial every morning.. just by ordering coffee!”. … Continue reading

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