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PhotoSurreal – Camera Emphasises Time over Space

Jay Mark Johnson—an architect and renaissance man— purchased a $85,000 rotating slit-scan camera for high-resolution panoramas. (The camera records vast landscapes sliver by sliver.) Finding the accidental effects of motion in front of the camera strangely poetic, he experimented with … Continue reading

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SketchUp Basecamp – Day Three

The weather changed decidedly early this morning in Boulder.. back to a crisp Fall day with lots of wind and fall leaves blowing about. Today’s more seasonable Fall weather called for a real breakfast, and I knew just the place… … Continue reading

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Temp’florescence – the temporal genius of plants

As architects, we learn how to do functional landscaping – trees for shading, and plantings as living entourage for our buildings. And this is typically the extent of our understanding and landscaping capabilities. Yet there is a much deeper metaphysical … Continue reading

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Papyrus: Tall Grass On-Trend

Ornamental grasses have become the eco-friendly standard for residential lawns in the United States. One of the biggest sources of non-point pollution in the United States is our lawns (i.e., fertilizer runoff during storms). They are also prized for their … Continue reading

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