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The activity of hacking reality itself, using computer graphics to enhance, augment, virtualize, replace and otherwise mixed reaility.

Z-Space : Holographic 3D with Spatial Persistence

The Z-Space display is being developed by a California company called Infinite Z.      By tracking user’s eye movements with 3D glasses, the display creates not only the illusion of 3 dimensionality – but unlike most 3D systems –  it persists … Continue reading

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The Pixel Dies – Video Replaced by 3D Vector Graphics?

OK, forgive the ambitious headline, but researchers at the University of Bath released their new vector-based video codec at this week’s CVMP 9th European Conference on Visual Media Production held at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, London. The bold claim … Continue reading

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PhotoSurreal – Camera Emphasises Time over Space

Jay Mark Johnson—an architect and renaissance man— purchased a $85,000 rotating slit-scan camera for high-resolution panoramas. (The camera records vast landscapes sliver by sliver.) Finding the accidental effects of motion in front of the camera strangely poetic, he experimented with … Continue reading

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3D Gesture Interface for Mobile uses electric fields, not Cameras

Gestural interfaces normally rely on cameras and light sensors. An interface that uses an electric field instead could expand the use of gesture control to many more devices. And now, there’s a new chip that will bring 3D gesture control … Continue reading

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3D Library Services at the University of Michigan

FormFonts 3D has the world’s largest 3D library of professionally developed SketchUp components, and we have a fondness for library sciences, and all things 3D. So we are delighted to see the University of Michigan is keeping up with the … Continue reading

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ShadowScan(TM) – 3D Building Models from the Sun’s Shadows

We’ve all seen laser scanner’s that work by projecting laser lines (or grids) over the irregular surface of an object to capture 3D shape. But now some genius researchers at Washington University (which is in St. Louis, Mo BTW), have … Continue reading

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Virtual Fingers for Off-Keyboarding

At the end of May, LEAP Motion made a big noise with it’s inexpensive MoCap for 3D Modelers.  We haven’t heard much about LEAP lately, and they have yet to release their product 5 months later. But that hasn’t slowed … Continue reading

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ESRI just got a whole lot more… 3D

Esri announced this week the availability of CityEngine Web Viewer in ArcGIS Online this week, allowing anyone with a WebGL-enabled browser to navigate and explore uploaded 3D cities and environments created in CityEngine 2012. It is, in a word, awesome. … Continue reading

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3D Benjamins Coming! Wal-Mart Breaths a Sigh-of-Relief

The US Treasury will release the new 100 dollar bill in the next few months. Slated to be released in early 2011, the new ‘Benjamins’ are a bit behind schedule. The delays are due to manufacturing problems with the advanced … Continue reading

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