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Digital vs. Analog Design – Støckel quests the limits of Representation

It’s difficult to teach young architects how to make objects (and surrounding spaces) relate to one-another in an intentional way. Intentionality requires the mastery of abstract concepts like order, harmony, contrast, proportion, scale and repetition.. not to mention enviable craft … Continue reading

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‘One Piece At A Time’

by Fred Abler Finally, paper craft is getting some respect. Tomorrow July 15th, a ‘major’ work of art will open at the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield Connecticut. 3D Artist Jonathan Brand’s life-scale paper replica of a 69’ Ford Mustang will … Continue reading

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Unfold 3D Models Tutorial Using Pepakura Designer

This is one of those things that one would love to do, but never seems to happen. When it does happen, here’s a tutorial on using Pepakura Designer to make the unfolding process go smoother and hopefully faster. The tutorial … Continue reading

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