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Projected Reality – Outdoors and In

By Fred Abler Artists have discovered powerful video projectors, and the conflict-of-perception between a projected image and its underlying ‘canvas’ has never been greater.  A new genre of art uses architecture-as-canvas, and is loosely known as Urban Projection Mapping. Fig- … Continue reading

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Holo’ Tek – Glasses Free 3D for Tablets

by Fred Abler You have to love StarTrek if only for the tech… phasers, transporters, tri-quarters, replicators, holodecks… You name it, Star Trek’nology was some cool kit! In one of my favorite tech segments, Captain Picard orders “Earl Grey- HOT!!”, … Continue reading

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Interact with Holographic 3D objects

The labs at Microsoft are working on a lot of cool stuff. The Kinect has released tons of creativity. The Kinect seems to have been the missing link between the real and the virtual world. Virtual objects and real object … Continue reading

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