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TESLA Launch Event and FORMFONTS 3D ‘Models By Request’

We’ve written about LA production designer Ed Haynes before. Back in October 2011, we interviewed him to learn a more about his process and how he uses FormFonts 3D models in his workflow. Ed grew up in a noble family … Continue reading

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Digital vs. Analog Design – Støckel quests the limits of Representation

It’s difficult to teach young architects how to make objects (and surrounding spaces) relate to one-another in an intentional way. Intentionality requires the mastery of abstract concepts like order, harmony, contrast, proportion, scale and repetition.. not to mention enviable craft … Continue reading

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STAPLES – Introduces 3D Printing Service in Europe

STAPLES, the office superstore, has been doing some serious shape-shifting in response to the global economic chaos. It recently laid off hundreds of workers in Europe, and closed under performing stores in the U.S.. STAPLES is also leaning out to … Continue reading

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PhotoSurreal – Camera Emphasises Time over Space

Jay Mark Johnson—an architect and renaissance man— purchased a $85,000 rotating slit-scan camera for high-resolution panoramas. (The camera records vast landscapes sliver by sliver.) Finding the accidental effects of motion in front of the camera strangely poetic, he experimented with … Continue reading

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ShadowScan(TM) – 3D Building Models from the Sun’s Shadows

We’ve all seen laser scanner’s that work by projecting laser lines (or grids) over the irregular surface of an object to capture 3D shape. But now some genius researchers at Washington University (which is in St. Louis, Mo BTW), have … Continue reading

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SketchUp Basecamp – Day Three

The weather changed decidedly early this morning in Boulder.. back to a crisp Fall day with lots of wind and fall leaves blowing about. Today’s more seasonable Fall weather called for a real breakfast, and I knew just the place… … Continue reading

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ESRI just got a whole lot more… 3D

Esri announced this week the availability of CityEngine Web Viewer in ArcGIS Online this week, allowing anyone with a WebGL-enabled browser to navigate and explore uploaded 3D cities and environments created in CityEngine 2012. It is, in a word, awesome. … Continue reading

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CARTOOGLE ™ – Communicate with Computers via Rough Sketches

by Fred Abler The invention of the digital computer forced us to realize that we need new languages – computer-programming languages – to communicate with machines. These languages are called structured or ‘constructed languages’, as opposed to our ‘natural language’. … Continue reading

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BIM Bots – Virtual 3D Robots

by Fred Abler In the early oughts’ (2000) while working in a CAD research lab at CAL POLY, SLO, I became intensely interested in 3D ‘object-agents’. Today CAD/BIM users might call them “smart objects”, but there’s really a lot more … Continue reading

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