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TESLA Launch Event and FORMFONTS 3D ‘Models By Request’

We’ve written about LA production designer Ed Haynes before. Back in October 2011, we interviewed him to learn a more about his process and how he uses FormFonts 3D models in his workflow. Ed grew up in a noble family … Continue reading

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Z-Space : Holographic 3D with Spatial Persistence

The Z-Space display is being developed by a California company called Infinite Z.      By tracking user’s eye movements with 3D glasses, the display creates not only the illusion of 3 dimensionality – but unlike most 3D systems –  it persists … Continue reading

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Digital vs. Analog Design – Støckel quests the limits of Representation

It’s difficult to teach young architects how to make objects (and surrounding spaces) relate to one-another in an intentional way. Intentionality requires the mastery of abstract concepts like order, harmony, contrast, proportion, scale and repetition.. not to mention enviable craft … Continue reading

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Shape Shifting TouchScreens

Someone once asked me why Starbucks makes such an elaborate ritual out of ordering coffee. My sarcastic answer was; “So people who don’t have much to do, can feel like they accomplish something substantial every morning.. just by ordering coffee!”. … Continue reading

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The Pixel Dies – Video Replaced by 3D Vector Graphics?

OK, forgive the ambitious headline, but researchers at the University of Bath released their new vector-based video codec at this week’s CVMP 9th European Conference on Visual Media Production held at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, London. The bold claim … Continue reading

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Foldify – 3D Paper Art made on your iPad

Foldify is a simple, easy-to-use app for creating papercraft art on your iPad. The concept is pretty basic: use the iPad to create digital papercraft art that can be broadly customized with colors, facial features, designs and more, and then … Continue reading

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STAPLES – Introduces 3D Printing Service in Europe

STAPLES, the office superstore, has been doing some serious shape-shifting in response to the global economic chaos. It recently laid off hundreds of workers in Europe, and closed under performing stores in the U.S.. STAPLES is also leaning out to … Continue reading

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De-hyping 3D Printing; Assessing its Economic Impact

Not long ago, market research firm GARTNER declared 3D Printing to be at the peak of its hype cycle. Empirical evidence would seem to back this up. The hype is slowly being replaced by more critical examinations of additive manufacturing … Continue reading

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3D Library Services at the University of Michigan

FormFonts 3D has the world’s largest 3D library of professionally developed SketchUp components, and we have a fondness for library sciences, and all things 3D. So we are delighted to see the University of Michigan is keeping up with the … Continue reading

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